Ride-Or-Die Nude Ziplining, A Crotch Shot Nudity Suit and More

VH1 Dating Naked Episode 3 – Well only at that point, the first season of Dating Naked has finished. But the good thing is, it’s been renewed for a second season! So we’ll really get to view more difficult nude first dates, more naked sports and possibly more nude wedding(s)? Here’s my review of episode 3, which will be a unique one because it resulted in a litigation (more on that later).
In this episode, we meet 28-year-old Diane from Nyc and Keegan, 26, from Pennsylvania. Both simply came out of 5 year long relationships and are ready for new love.
Both strip down due to their date, and this is one little part of the show that I Have never liked. It’s like they can’t reveal the private parts on TV, so instead they hone in on the private undergarments to make it a little more lascivious. This episode is kind of an exception, but there is normally a little too much concentrate on the undressing.
Diane and Keegan meet naked and the awkwardness is palpable. Diane is intimidated by how fairly Keegan is. They speak, assess each other out a bit then proceed to go on their romantic spear fishing date. Putting on snorkel gear and stabbing fish? What could be more intimate!
I don’t believe this is what Katie bargained for when she requested a “ride or die type of guy.” Jpg: VH1 Naked Dating
Keegan nabs a tiny fish that didn’t deserve to perish. Diane on the other hand, gets the huge catch worth cooking (or trying to anyway). They relax on a boat with some wine and attempt to get to know each other. But for all the things about how being nude takes down borders, Keegan does a great job of keeping his upwards. Diane makes the attempt but he clearly does not desire to open up.
Diane’s second date is with Dan. Dan is clearly nervous and chatters away as though silence might kill them both. Compared to Keegan, Dan is an open publication. We immediately learn he’s never had a serious relationship and lost his virginity at the age of 24 (not that there’s anything wrong with that). He continues to discuss nonstop as they go paddle boarding. The two of them sat on one single paddleboard. Diane is turned off by his chatter, but later warms up to his gentlemanly ways.
Keegan’s second date is with Jessie from Long Island, NY. She comments on how well endowed Keegan is and that it is nice to know this upfront. She’s tremendously comfortable being nude and believes nothing of it. For their date, they cover each other in mud as a spa treatment and Keegan gets this to be a little too intimate. Hence we have our first example of male arousal on the show! No full on erections but he does get just http://nudist-young.com/contributions/nudism-gymnastics-and.php aroused. Jessie does not appear to care and is truly flattered to think that she’d something to do with it.
They toss around a football while the mud is drying and then Jessie playfully handles him. This really is where it all went wrong as far as blurring the genitals go. For one split second when this episode first aired, the clouding technician (I only made up that title) missed a spot. Jessie’s vulva and anus were exposed for all to see. It was just for a split second and most people probably missed it, but as far as she’s concerned, it was a life-ruining moment.
While all of US know this is not really true, showing so may help win her 10 million dollar lawsuit that she’s brought against VH1’s parent company – Viacom (in addition to two other generation firms). In her suit, she claims that this split second mishap resulted in her going through intense psychological distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment. http://voy-zone.com/topic/by-blacks-beach-secretly-two-sucking-pussy.php agreed to get nude on reality television before camera crews as well as the remaining part of the world, but a crotch shot .
According to an article in the NY Post, Jessie got made fun of on the Internet and her grandmother is probably insane. She’s also asserting that a new flame never called her back after the episode aired, ruining any chance they might’ve otherwise had for a long term relationship.
But funnily enough, the fact that she went on a nude dating show trying to find love wasn’t the supposed problem at all.
And now back to the naked daters. Keegan finds that Dan is a straightforward target for his aggression and bullies him. He brags to Jessie that he would’ve made Dan cry in high school. Thankfully, Jessie is not impressed.
Third dates Diane notes how it’s been increasingly easier to get nude with each date. Many players through the season made the same observation. This is additional proof that social nudity is no big deal after an incredibly brief time!
For her third date, Diane meets Scott who isn’t hushed like Keegan or too talkative like Dan. He might be just right. On the other hand, he actually said to the camera which he’s going to rock out with his cock out. As a side note, nudies should not use that phrase, ever.
Their date is horseback riding on the strand. Scott is just a little worried about his testicles. While his balls are wonderful, Diane thinks his bottom seems unflattering in the saddle.
Keegan’s third date is a bit more eventful. He meets Katie – a crass lady buying a ride or die type of man. They go zip-liner nude. Katie, at one point, wants to experience the rush of riding in tandem. Katie’s face hits a stopping block. End of date.
That night at the villa, things go well till Katie shows up. She’s now sporting a black eye and a lot of fury towards Keegan. Scott appears to realize this hook-up is a terrible idea and runs away when she visits the bathroom.
Next up it is decision day! Diane and Keegan must pick who they would like to continue dating. Diane rejects the two jocks and decides Dan. Keegan chooses Jessie who’s less than enthused about dating him again but accepts anyhow.
She inquires Amy, are you really gonna get nude? (Valid question?) Subsequently Katie says, You and I should go on a date. Katie curses out VH1 and gives em all the finger. A pretty fitting ending to episode 3 of Dating Naked.
In closing I just need to make a brief comment on the way in which the show portrays bodies. It does feature distinct body types, but most are slim / toned / muscular. They could undoubtedly even it out with bigger bodies.
On the other hand, I like you could see everyone’s imperfections (despite the clouding). You can see who has cellulite (most girls do), where their body fat lies, and a few of the so-called imperfections that make everybody unique. This single facet of the show is what makes it more body-positive than I would’ve anticipated.
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Issues Pertaining to Public Nudity

http://nudistsplace.com/nudist-photos/my-first-public-nude-expericence/ :
Where’s public nudity ok? As in.. Totally nude in public? (Naturist Resorts | Social Nudism)
While naturistsmay feel as if their lifestyle is perfectly ordinary, to many people, it is unacceptable.
Because of this, http://nudists-young.org/contri/they-have-been-the-only-nudists-i-have-ever-met-personally/ need to be cautious about where they go bare in the public, as it’s really against the law in many areas. So where exactly is it ok to be naked in public?
Determining where it’s ok to practice societal or public nudity is something that must be done on one’s own, as individual places in each state/nation are different. There are, however, general kinds of places where nudism is taken.
For instance, many individuals choose to go in the naked at the strand, and there are literally thousands of naturist beaches throughout the world. Naked beaches permit people to lose their garments and enjoy a bright day at the sand unrestricted, and since it is entirely condoned, they will not need to be worried about persecution of any kind.
For those who like to go in the nude but are trying to find other places to do it than seashores, you’ll find many nudist clubs or resorts around the globe which are the perfect alternative. It is by all means okay to go fully bare in these places, and is actually supported.
Many naturist clubs own numerous acres of land, enabling one to enjoy being in the nude outdoors in many different different scenarios.
Public Nudity
Usually, it’s not legal to walk around totally naked in public. Yet, there are various areas of the world, like Ontario, Canada, where being topless in public is fully legal and is often even practiced.
People who advocate unclothed living fight to allow it to be a legality in every area of the world, yet there’s still quite a bit of backlash that prevents this from happening. One thing is for sure, nevertheless; if you wish to go in the nude, there are loads of locations throughout the world which will cater to your demand.
Many people are concerned about the legality of nudity in certain areas. For better or for worse, there’s no Federal law in the US that either forbids or permits nudity to take place. Legality is generally left up to the state to decide.
Most national parks allow nudity in some areas, and some do not, as local laws take precedent. Going bare within one’s home is legal, although going unclothed in a vehicle is considered illegal in many states. The underside is line is that you should know your state’s laws before going unclothed in public and trying public nudity.
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FKK and Andy Golub Found Kickstarter For BodyPainting Day 2015!!!

(To donate click: Kickstarter campaign)
July 26th, 2014 was a day to remember. Thirty artists painted 40 nude models, who subsequently marched through NYC, sharing the artwork and propagating a message of body approval. The models were all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. The occasion captured international attention and acknowledgement.
For 2015, we are teaming up with Andy Golub to do it all again, just http://voy-zone.com/topic/family-nudism-extreme.php and better! We desire to have 50 artists and 100 models, which will comprise spontaneous members of the general public. This would be double in size from a year ago.
NYC Bodypainting Day 2014
But as a way to make it happen we need your help.
We’ve just started a Kickstarter effort with Andy to raise (at least) $10,000 to cover expenses for this year’s occasion. And with enough funds, Andy may even have the ability to bring Body Painting Day to town of Amsterdam too.
If you support Andy’s work, if you have ever watched and appreciated his public artwork, if you believe in freedom of expression and body approval, please consider donating to this Kickstarter effort. Help us expand and boost among the largest artistic, body-positive events NYC has ever seen.
Starting at donations of $20, rewards include limited edition prints, tshirts and more . Yet, even when you can just afford to give $5 or $10, we appreciate your help.
You can even help us out by spreading the word! Share this post or the Kickstarter campaign page.
New York City Bodypainting Day event details:
-50 artists and 100 naked models, including for the first time, spontaneous volunteer models from the people
-4 hours of live painting in full public view
-Nude March through the City roads
-Photo Shoot that the people can participate in
Amsterdam Bodypainting Day (Tentative)
Saturday, August 15, 2015, at Rembrandtplein Square, Amsterdam.
-25 artists and 25 unclothed models
-4 hours of live painting in full public view
-Naked March through the Town streets
-Pic Shoot that the public can participate in
To donate click: Kickstarter effort
You are able to see the official web site here: BodyPainting Day
You may also need to see Andy Golub’s web site.
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I shot more than 12,000 photos. She’s the one who first proposed a calendar. I believed it was wise. We had tons of calendar worthy pictures at our disposal. I just did not feel up to the job of organizing them. I was completely spent. I didn’t need to go everywhere. Gosia could sense it. She told me to leave. She said to go home to America. She said to create my own space. She promised I should not remain because she could not be sure how she would feel about me in a month’s time to not mention next week. I went back to my hometown in Poland. Gosia ended up coming to see. I could tell there was something occurring inside of her. There was a battle raging in her heart.

I flew back to the States. I started arranging the photos. I wasn’t making much progress. Gosia kept reminding me that people only purchase calendars at the end of the year. I was supposed to run. I decided I didn’t like that notion. I believed it was stupid that people simply purchase calendars annually. I thought it was dumb that they have to buy calendars whatsoever. I began looking for a means to make certain my calendar would not need to be thrown out. I desired a calendar you could keep. I found the idea of a perpetual calendar was not something new. A huge American company had once adopted a perpetual calendar for its own use. The World Calendar was considered for adoption by the United Nations.
I comprehended if somebody else could get it done, I could get it done, also. I learned about the tropical year. I learned how dense the Gregorian calendar actually was. It was a half-baked idea even for its time. Here we are centuries after and the world is following it. Billions of people are following one pope’s bad idea. I should find that incredible except I’m not surprised. I’ve known for a while that individuals are weak and fearful. I’m weak and frightened. I am no different. If I Have had the opportunity to rise above the hatred and confusion of the world it is because I was never overly scared or too hungry to think for myself. I made assumptions about the world and I examined them. I learned from my mistakes. I was lucky to be well fed my entire life. Conquering my fear is http://www.nudist-video.com . That’s the product of my choice. That is certainly http://www.videonudist.com of hard work. It’s something each of us can do – even the famished. We have to discover the guts to make our world better. Shifting the calendar is one small bit. It is nothing next to what needs to be done. But it is where I start.
I have learned a lot in 2013. I have learned I am not alone. I have Gosia. 150 days after we met, the battle inside her is finished. She’s no further afraid to adore. It is the most beautiful thing I Have ever seen. She told me so many times how unhappy she was. How alienated she’d become from the world. How ready she was to abandon all of society and begin living completely on her own. It was her only aim when we met. It is not her target anymore. I don’t know what her mission will be now, but I understand that I’m prepared to support her. I’m prepared to support anybody who desires to be done with the fear that civilization instills in us from the minute we’re born, famished and blind into this cold and wretched world. It’s the panic with which we have been oppressed. It’s the panic we share with our oppressors. It’s time for us to adore. It is time for a revolution.
A Nudist Year in Review and other Naturist Blogs For Young Naturists And Young Naturists America FKK
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About the Author (Author Profile)Why Body Positive Image Galleries Need To Go All The Way
Body Favorable Galleries and Censorship Problems:
We’re seeing precisely the same type of airbrushed, perfect, slender bodies everywhere, and it seems to be creating body image issues for individuals everywhere.
However, some activists are trying to counteract this negative body image issue by creating body-positive pic galleries. You will find now websites (and books of course) where you can see image galleries showcasing all kinds of bodies.
They show an alternative definition of beautythe notion that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes.

Unclothed Swimming and Naked Hiking on a Hot Summer NJ Day

Guest website by: Christopher Walter
Smurfs and Snappers and Bears! Oh My!
When the weather forecast calls for lots of sun, high humidity, high temperatures in the mid 90s, and a heat index up to 107 degrees, just how mad do you have to be to hike up mountainous terrain and across a high ridge, just to jump in a lake? On this very day, seven and a half smurfs decided we were mad enough for the challenge, errwell, on the other hand perhaps some of us just did not quite realize what we were in for.
With the automobiles parked, Mother Smurf (aka Beth Nolan) guided us down the long steep road to find the trail head. About two hundred yards down the road Mama Smurf determined to lead us back up the hill to find young nudist sex . Already dripping with sweat some of us joked about jumping in the water and calling it a day, but we carried on.
But we quit two or three times to catch our breath.
“So, it is not far from here then Mama Smurf?”
“We must cross the top of the ridge first then we’ll be there,” answered Mother Smurf.
Onward we set across the ridge. A large black bear ceased about 40 yards away to look back at us for a number of instants. Perhaps he was only camera shy.
“How much further Mom Smurf?”
“We are about half way there,” said Mama Smurf.
A little further on, profuse sweatingcheck..fatiguecheck..thrills and goose bumpscheck. I understood my body was over heated after I began getting goose bumps in 90 degree temperatures. The ridge was covered with spots of tree coverage and open areas. Every time we reach an open area the sun beat right down. By then everyone needed a good rest, so we made an extra long stop.
“Is it much further Mom Smurf?”
“YES IT IS!!!!” yelled Mama Smurf.
Mom Smurf did not actually cry at us, but before we were done I believe we all nagged her at least once. When we eventually made it to the lake, none of us thought twice. We stripped off our clothes and jumped right in.
snapping turtle
During our lunch break in the shade, an extremely inquisitive snapping turtle came right up to visit us. It was enormous; its shell must have already been over 15 inches in diameter. He remained for quite a while flashes for our pictures. After he left, we went for one last skinny dip with some trepidation. Suffice it to say, some of us were less than enthusiastic about offering up a wienerschnitzel snack to our pal.
With two guide books among us, we found there was a shorter trail back to civilization. So we started hiking back. As we came over a hill top I spotted a rock ledge. “Oh boy, I saw that rock ledge and thought it was a road. I believed we were saved.” I said. “Thus did I,” laughed Mama Smurf. russian nudism trudged along when the new ridge opened up to some stunning view. Without presuming we all stopped to take in the view. Finally we continued on, and before long we made it back down the incline to the world.
View of Greenwood Lake
Despite the sore legs, mild heat exhaustion, and a specific muddy backside the efforts of the day proved worth the challenge. After all, how often do you really get to see giant snapping turtles, wild black bears, and panoramic views from atop a mountain ridge? And don’t forget the naked swimming / skinny-dipping too!
For people who never watched the Smurfs, here is the classic picture:
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How to Introduce a Pal to Nudism

A lot of people are finding nudism an enjoyable, relaxing, freeing lifestyle. However, lots of nudists find this exotic lifestyle is more interesting if they can find a friend to include in their outings that are nudist. If you’re a practicing nudist with a long-time or greatest buddy who does not have any experience with the lifestyle, and is not a nudist, you could contemplate introducing this buddy. On the flip side, you may not be sure how to go about it, or perhaps you are scared of how your friend will react if the idea is suggested by you. In this informative article, you are able to learn the best way to get past this barrier, and find if your friend would be willing to try the waters of the nudist/naturist lifestyle.
Picture named Conflict_of_interest_(COI)_in_images,_wmcon14_berlin1
Understand your friend. [3]Start by analyzing the interests of their overall character, your buddy, and the total quality of your friendship. Is the pal tremendously trend-driven? Was your friend brought up very religiously, or really strictly? Has your buddy revealed a negative reaction towards the unclothed human body? (e.g. averting locker rooms, averting art that depicts simple nudity, constantly wearing really “modest” dress, (s)he has made an “ew” or an “oo la la” sort of reaction to straightforward nudity etc) These are powerful flags to indicate that your friend might not need to attempt nudism, or might even be outwardly against nudism.
If your buddy demo any of the above, you could either want to consider asking another friend, or thinking very carefully before you choose if you want to ask this friend. Then measure 4 is especially important, if you do decide to bring nudism with a buddy up with the above mentioned characteristics.
Picture titled Shooting the Sun
Mention the thought of nudism. [4]Do Not ask your friend, yet, whether (s)he’d like to attempt nudism, or even bring up that you’re a nudist. Just, casually, mention nudism as a natural part of a dialogue that’s generally about something different, and see how your pal reacts when you mention http://shockintown.com .[1]
In case you along with your buddy are seeing a nature special on television, you can say something like, “Do you see how all of the animals are nude, but individuals are the only animal that always needs to wear clothes?”

If you along with your friend are thinking about going swimming together at a textile place, along with your friend asks you if you recalled your bathing suit, you can joke back in a laughing voice, “Nah, I am going skinny dipping” and see whether or not your buddy finds that amusing.
Image titled Infinity_border_of_the_swimming_pool_in_Infosys_Mysore.JPG3
Tell your friend you are a nudist. [5]After you estimated his/her reaction about the concept of nudism, and have tested the waters with the relationship between your friend along with you, you may now let your buddy find out about your engagement in the nudist lifestyle. It is best to advise http://picsnudism.com of the fact once you have known your friend for some time (say a minimum of three months), particularly if the friend is a girl.[1] Otherwise, (s)he may respond more adversely. Be sure to share with them that you’re a nudist, or love practicing nudism, everything you get out what your favourite nudist places are, and of the encounter.
Do not act embarrassed, self-conscious, or nervous when you tell your friend about your contribution in nudism. This can signal to your buddy that you just actually feel guilty when you do this sort of thing, and that nudism is something to be ashamed of, and also filthy. Be sure to be open, honest, when you discuss your nudism together with your buddy, and upfront.
Dispel the misconceptions.
Tell your buddy that nudism is all about the natural part of nudity, as opposed to the sexual aspect, which overt sex isn’t condoned; the actions that occur at a nudist place are no distinctive from the actions that happen in a clothed site, except the participants don’t wear clothing, and that it’s not a sexually energized atmosphere.[2]

Tell your buddy that families with young children common nudist localities too, and that proper etiquette is especially a precedence in a household environment.[2] Also, make sure you answer any questions your buddy could have at this point in a sense which is clear to someone learning a fresh notion. If your buddy is asking questions, that is a sure sign (s)he is interested, and might even wish to join you.[1]
Picture titled IMG_02675
Ask your pal if (s)he want to test nudism. [7]Eventually, you are in the part where you’ve got informed your friend that you’re a nudist, and you’ve (hopefully) given him/her a good sense of what nudism is about. Now, it is time to ask when the buddy want to try nudism along with you.
Your friend’s reply might not necessarily be instantaneous. Do not pressure your buddy. In case your friend says, “Sure, I’ll try it out with you” then chances are, you’ve got successfully introduced your buddy to the nudist lifestyle. In case your buddy says, “No, I’m really not interested” then respect that. You’ll find numerous other people in the textile world who’d be ready to take on the nudist way of life.

Men hesitantly approached us in >request to take our pictures with them. One guy approached me, hands shacking dramatically in dread and explained he’d never before seen a pregnant woman topless. This reaction I received in response to my actions was among the biggest influences I ‘d ever experienced in my own life. I managed to alter this guy’s impression of not just girls, but pregnant women while I stood there as not just an advocate of change but a taboo.

The demonstration eventually finished three hours after. It was at that particular time I was driven to make an exceptionally extreme decision while standing there all by myself with no other topfree women supporting my choiceShould I put my top back on?
2011 Go Topless Parade held in Venice Beach, California. Several men and women march along the strip of Venice to protest the right for girls to be equal to men in topless liberties. Women wish to go top-free wherever a man is allowed.
After the GoTopless Parade
The GoTopless topfree parade and demonstration finally ended three hours after. It was at that specific time I was driven to make an incredibly radical decision while standing there all by myself with no other topfree women supporting my selection Should I put my top back on? My choice ended up being ruled more in favor of myself than the watchers who gazed upon me in disbelief or utter astonishment.
There was no possible way that I was around to let this moment end. So I proceeded to walk back by myself, down the Venice strip, in the opposite direction that I ‘d formerly marched before with a large group of other girls. I walked merely as though I generally walk with or with no top on, except I found myself still carrying on that ear to ear grin.
walking around topfree in VeniceThe Desnudas: NYC’s Manufactured Controversy Over Painted Boobs
The Story of the Desnudas Painted Boobs:
Set “topless girls” and “kids” in precisely the same sentence and you’ve got some surefire clickbait for a news article. That was my thought when, in April of the year, the NY Post published an article about topless painted women feeding on teenagers and children in Times Square.
Reading about this clear “danger” to minors being targeted for image-ops with and by these bare-chested women in thongs, I simply had to roll my eyes and laugh.
It turns out that was merely the start. The topless painted girls have come under major scrutiny recently as the NY Daily News launched a campaign against them with a series of posts. Their Sunday headline read, “Bust This Flesh Pit.
Growing Upsurge of Topless Hustlers Defiles City.” Monday’s headline read, “Too Much To Bare” and referenced authorities saying it was “a catastrophe” and “unacceptable.” Of course they were still adequate enough to put on the front page of http://www.thoun.com for 5 days straight.
Two of the NY Daily News cover stories about the Desnudas Painted Boobs
These women, who call themselves “desnudas” (Spanish word for “naked”), now seem to signify, for some at least, the forthcoming downfall of Times Square. We understand this because Governor Cuomo told NY1, “I was around for the bad old Times Square and this is beginning to remind me of the terrible old Times Square.”
What’s the problem exactly with these topfree painted women? The only serious issue at hand seems to be aggressive panhandling. This can be an issue which should pertain to all the costumed characters – topless or not – of Times Square (this comprises Cookie Monster, Elmo, Spiderman, etc).
Aggressive panhandling is illegal, but that hasn’t stopped some costumed folks from demanding tip money or a bigger tip. There have also been reports, over the last few years, of characters starting fights with each other, with visitors, groping teens and shoving people around.
http://wwwthoun.com/most-popular/ stare as Buzz Lightyear closely grips the Hulk’s waist and they slowly shuffle down the plaza collectively
Half are complaining because they’re “offended” by female breasts and one other half are grievances which are really worth looking into.
The latter comprise reports of girls who sidle up to pedestrians, rubbing body paint on their clothing or suits while attempting to make them quit for a photo. This is behavior that would fall under competitive panhandling which should be handled. Nobody needs to be accosted by painted boobs on their way into work. (Well, perhaps some do, but this activity does require consent.)